Your Projects

You are dealing with the conflicting demands of quality requirements, time-to-market and permanent changes. This has consequences: on-going processes no longer fit the expectations of your customers and the challenges of the market. At this point latest you need to query the approach to your tasks and projects. Together with you we will work to define your individually tailored mix of agile and classic project methodology, to implement and to optimise it.


You want to reduce crises and “fire fighting” in your projects and reach your goals in a more measured way.


You want to be more flexible with your projects, so that you can meet new challenges more calmly.


You wonder how to gain the overview you want of your projects.


You want to manage current challenges with more energy and flexibility.


You require a new business model or new technology to meet requirements.


You have set up your first agile teams and would like to extend the coordinated cooperation.

Our Passion

With our individual consulting approach, we will identify the issues which are most important for you. We will pay particular attention to your organisation’s culture when implementing. Whether you are introducing, optimising, harmonising, simplifying project management or rendering it more agile, we will work out together with you the solution that fits best.

Case Studies


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A 10-step-guide to organizational agility

VUCA, new work, digitalization – Many trends of the past few years caused fundamental changes in corporate strategies. Suddenly it was all about implementing agile methods in projects and organizations as quickly as possible to remain competitive and successful. Individual kanban boards were created, agile task forces were founded, and teams were trained – but all too often without the desired effect. In this webinar, we will address this problem to explain how agile transformation can fail. Additionally, we will provide you with a 10-step guide to organizational agility.

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