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Resource availability and project control are the main challenges for most companies. Transparency and clearly defined targets can help. Tiba Management Consultancy will support you in speeding up projects without loss of quality through appropriate Project Management procedures.


You would like to improve your project work but there is a lack of resources and internal support.


You are longing for a calmer project routine with fewer crises.


Your projects do not achieve the defined targets for returns, deadlines and quality (time to market).


An increase in complexity and scarce critical resources which are also accessed by operation work dominate everyday life of the project. There is a lack of suitable staff and thus know-how for any new projects.


You would like to improve your project portfolio management and project management to become faster, more flexible and more successful. You will thus be able to take future challenges in your stride.

Our Passion

Achieving your strategic business goals is our top priority. We support you in selecting the right projects within the framework of your project portfolio management, pushing ahead with them and setting them up with a multi and single Project Management to ensure that your targets will be achieved.


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A 10-step-guide to organizational agility

VUCA, new work, digitalization – Many trends of the past few years caused fundamental changes in corporate strategies. Suddenly it was all about implementing agile methods in projects and organizations as quickly as possible to remain competitive and successful. Individual kanban boards were created, agile task forces were founded, and teams were trained – but all too often without the desired effect. In this webinar, we will address this problem to explain how agile transformation can fail. Additionally, we will provide you with a 10-step guide to organizational agility.

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