Why do transformations often fail?

A transformation means a fundamental reorientation of a company that affects every single employee. For such a drastic change, all influencing factors must be taken into account. Almost 70% of all transformation projects fail. The most important causes of this failure include the lack of vision, mission, strategy & purpose, but also inappropriate mindset, lack of change and project management, lack of communication, and lack of adaptation of processes and structures (McKinsey, 2017).

Our services for successful digital transformations

We are your competent partner for digital transformations


  • Digital maturity measurement
  • Process analysis and optimization
  • Agile organizational development
  • Workshop moderation
  • Culture development
  • Change management
  • Business model innovation


  • Coaching of the managers
  • Coaching of the program and project managers
  • Agile coaching (goal-oriented workshops, agile method training and individual coaching)


  • Business process management training (BPM)
  • Change management training


  • Program and project managers
  • Change practitioner
  • Product owner/ scrum master

Our approach for successful digital transformations

The three main action fields for digitization program are:

  1. the digitization of internal value creation processes
  2. the digitization of the product and service portfolio
  3. the digitization of business models

At Tiba, we dedicate ourselves to these aspects in accordance with our consulting approach – which has been our core philosophy for more than 30 years. We are convinced that only a balanced consideration of “processes & methods”, “people & mindset”, “organization & culture” and “technology & tools” can have a sustainable effect on transformations.


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