The fundamental transformation of a corporate culture into trusting, agile, and project-oriented organization.

Project description

TGE Marine is a leading supplier of ship gas handling and storage systems, for example, for ethylene, LPG, and LNG. TGE Marine also offers specialist services in the area of engineering, procurement, supervision and service in relation to gas installations as well as ship designs. In response to new and much more diversified sales markets, the original product portfolio for gas tankers has been significantly expanded. This resulted in far-reaching changes to client requirements. To react flexibly and effectively to ever-changing client wishes, the medium-sized company set itself the objective of establishing a cross-hierarchy, efficient, solution-driven, and client-focused cooperation, and substantially increasing its competitiveness. The entire organization was systematically analyzed and evolved on an integral basis. In the process, the following measures were derived:

Approach & Project Modules


Creation of a new vision, a set of values in line with the culture as well as a common mission statement.


Revision of the organization (including project management office), roles and processes.


Further development of personal abilities/skills at various hierarchy levels (e.g. project and change management training).


Implementation of a central tool for planning, control, and cooperation within the projects.

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  • Creation of a project-friendly, solution-driven culture founded on trust (using measures such as Radical Collaboration, Green Zone Coaches)
  • Enhanced efficiency of client projects based on a framework aligned with PDP*
  • Building personal and organizational resilience
  • Increased flexibility with regard to market and client requirements
  • Improving the self-management of the project members and the overall employee satisfaction
  • Enhanced competitiveness

Changes in the markets forced us to review our working procedures throughout the company. Thanks to our trusting collaboration with Tiba, we were able to derive areas of action and develop packages of measures. We are already seeing the first positive results, which has increased the level of acceptance for further changes.

Jan-Volkert Wibel, CEO, TGE Marine Gas Engineering GmbH

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