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It was the vision of a holistic, systemic approach to project management that led to the founding of Tiba in 1989. We were convinced that project management was more than network planning technology or mere planning software and that at the end of the 1990s latest it would become an accepted discipline across industry sectors. And our prognosis was correct. In the meantime, not only has the project management market changed, but Tiba has also adapted to these market changes – in terms of both strategic orientation and corporate organisation. (…)


Short profile Tiba M

The core competence of Tiba Management Consulting is the introduction and optimisation of project management. Since 1989, Tiba has been providing management, consulting and coaching services to leading companies worldwide whose business success depends largely on the quality of their project management. (…)


Training Catalog

From project, process and change management to organizational development and agile mindset – Tiba offers a thematically broad portfolio of various training opportunities. In this training catalog, we show you our training variety at a glance.



How does „agility“ affect project management?

Is agile project management a contradiction in terms? Or is „agility“ perhaps even „essential to survive“ – in times of extreme complexity and Industry 4.0?

A white paper by Alexander Koschke

Shaping the future

Everywhere we are surrounded by complexity, disruptive innovations and digital change. But how do we manage these challenges – now and in the future?

A white paper by Dr. Francesca Mega and Maike Fischer

Empowering Transformation

Can important transformations be successfully managed despite all the dynamics of today’s complex world? In this whitepaper we show you, how to design agile transformations.

A white paper by Markus Wanner



Innovation Project EPC 4.0 – Summary

The objective of this initative is to describe concrete measures capable of unleashing the hidden potentials in EPC Industry.

Partners of this paper: Project Team, Tiba Managementberatung, maexpartners, M8International, d1g1tal AGENDA