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For large-scale projects, comprehensive changes or complete corporate transformations: Tiba Management Consulting is your strong partner that will secure your future sustainability. We have operated successfully for over 30 years as a consulting and training institute with the core competencies of project, process, and change management. Our experienced consultants, trainers, interim managers, and coaches are on hand to assist you.

We empower people, projects, and organizations in order to fulfill their own purpose and to create sustainable value for the future – this is our vision.

We empower people, projects, and organizations in order to fulfill their own purpose and to create sustainable value for the future – this is our vision.

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The holistic approach has always set Tiba apart. We always view our clients from a meta-perspective and work on building the organization’s foundation to bring about lasting success. After all, a project or a transformation can only succeed if the people involved play an active role in shaping the changes and if all parameters of the organization, such as culture or processes, are considered.

On this basis, we advise, manage and train our clients in core areas of project, process, or change management as well as organization management. These four areas fall under the umbrella of the combined transformation competence of Tiba Transformation Consulting from Munich.

Success factors for your transformation

Tiba Success Stories

Our transformation consulting, management, and training services are as diverse as our clients. Here, you can read a selection of our client projects to gain an insight into how we work and think.

Changes in the markets forced us to review our working procedures throughout the company. Thanks to our trusting collaboration with Tiba, we were able to derive areas of
action and develop packages of
measures. We are already seeing the first positive results, which has
increased the level of acceptance for further changes.

Jan-Volkert Wibel, CEO, TGE Marine Gas Engineering GmbH

A view behind the scenes at Tiba

Tiba welcomes individuals who will enrich our company and our clients – with their personality, their technical competence, and with their energy and passion: Passion for Transformation.


Here at Tiba, we aim to keep a finger on the pulse and to innovate constantly. Read our current thinking and articles about all aspects of transformation.

Consolidated competencies of the Tiba Group

Tiba Management Consulting is the leading company of a total of seven subsidiaries, including branches in Switzerland as well as in the US.

With the combined know-how of the Tiba Group, you can master any major projects and changes – from using suitable tools to selecting and qualifying personnel all the way to conflict coaching. After all, we see your company as a whole with its “People & Mindset”, “Processes & Methods”, “Technology & Tools” as well as “Organization and Culture” – fully in line with the Tiba axis cross model.

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