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Systemic project management


Consultancy approach

Strategic company goals perfectly implemented in project form

Where others stop, we begin. Strategic consulting is only one aspect: we are guides e doers. We identify your company’s strategic objectives, compile them in a clear project portfolio, which we than manage by means of a comprehensible and transparent multi-project management system.
On an operational level, we help you structure your plans according to content and other criteria, and to “cluster” them within programs. We  also provide assistance with individual projects, either on a purely operational basis - i.e., a project manager, - or by setting up and managing a project office.Strategic company goals

Project portfolio management (PPM)

Project portfolio management is the binding element between company strategy and operational implementation in programs and projects. Our support is twofold. First, it goes towards the development of the project portfolio strategy and the project portfolio processes. Second, we assist with the establishment of a project prioritization model based on urgency and strategic economic benefits and opportunities/risks. Governance and transparency for the entire portfolio avoid unpleasant surprises and give managers or executives peace of mind.

Multi-project management

We have developed an effective system of multi-project management. It allows us to quickly identify and correct content redundancies between projects and resource bottlenecks. In addition, it enables potential synergies between the projects to be fully exploited. By sharing experience and knowledge (lessons learned) across all projects, you not only save on resources, but avoid conflict between projects competing for resources or materials. Budgets and resources can thus be distributed optimally, and risks contained before any damage is done.

Program management

Large-scale plans consisting of many individual projects need to be organized using an overarching system of program management. This faciliates dealing with the cluster of functionally linked projects (e.g., with the development of new production series, the commissioning of new factories, large infrastructure measures). Program management organizational systems require a clear definition of competencies and decision-making structures, as well as processes. Most importantly, however you need a project management office from which experts can the deadline on track and manage costs, risks, claims and the contract.

Project Management for individual projects

Every project has its critical junctures. We are well aware of them and quickly identify the weak points when designing a solution – in all four areas of our coordinates: people, processes/methods, software and organization. If a project is risky, critical, or has already run into trouble, we elicit the root of the problem and develop appropriate and rapid responses to get the project back on track again. Our experienced project managers will take over all project office activities if need be. We are committed to the success of your project.


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