The successful organization of complex transformation projects

A transformation involves an extensive change for your organization and affects a large part of your business processes, products and services, business models as well as the corporate culture. Systematic project, program and change management helps to maintain an overview of complex transformation projects. Studies show that 70% of all transformation projects fail. This is mostly due to the fact that vision, mission, purpose and strategy often do not take aspects such as mindset, change and project management, communication or adaptation of processes into account. In our opinion, a transformation can only be achieved step by step through an iterative-agile approach, to not overburden the organization and to bring everyone along at the same time. Tiba Management Consulting supports you in agile and digital transformations both in the step-by-step planning, implementation and sustainable anchoring of the changes as well as in the support and participation of the employees.

Our services for successful transformation projects


We support our clients in the strategic planning and operational implementation of agile transformation projects.


Tiba supports software rollouts and digitization projects with consulting, coaching and training.


Do you need support with complex transformations? We have consultants who can help you.

Transformation Consulting

We support you in the strategic alignment and planning of your upcoming transformation projects.

Agile Transformation

The agilization of your organization as a transformation project

In order to remain competitive in the future and to be able to react quickly to market changes, organizational development towards an adaptive and agile organization is necessary. However, the simple introduction of agile methods alone is not enough to align an entire company in an agile way. Tiba Management Consulting uses a holistic approach to enable agile transformations: We not only optimize the methods and processes of your company, but also focus on the corporate culture, mindset and employee competence. Our consultants, trainers and coaches accompany you in the strategic planning as well as in the operational implementation and the effective training of your employees.

Our services for your agile transformation:

Digital Transformation

The digitization of your organization as a transformation project

Continuously changing technologies require constant adjustments to the entire corporate structure. The digitalization of a company not only enables competitiveness, but also promotes more efficient processes, cost savings and customer orientation. However, digitizing an entire organization requires a radical mindset change of the management, digital leadership skills and strategic process optimization, as well as a change in corporate culture. Tiba supports you in the introduction of new technologies by setting up a systematic project or program plan and accompanies you in the management of the transformation project. In addition, we prepare your managers and employees for the upcoming change with experienced change managers, consultants and agile coaches.

Our services for your digital transformation:

Transformation Management

Our experienced consultants, project and change managers support you in managing your transformation project

In a company-wide program, it is often difficult to meet all deadlines and transform an organization at the same time. We support you in the development, execution and implementation of your transformation project and thus make a significant contribution to achieving your goals.

Tiba Management Consulting is entirely specialized in transforming projects. We have suitable specialists for every challenge:

  • Program and project manager for the conception, planning, control and monitoring of your transformation progress
  • Transformation office (including operational support for planning, steering, communication and reporting)
  • Change manager (for the active involvement of all stakeholders)
  • Product owner/ scrum master / agile coaches for operational support of project teams and managers

To meet your transformation project needs, we would gladly provide you with our experts.


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Transformation Consulting

Tiba enables business transformations with its holistic approach

At Tiba, we see the factors “People & Mindset”, “Organization & Culture”, “Processes & Methods” and “Technology & Tools” as essential keystones for a successful transformation. In order for a transformation to really succeed, we believe it is important to set up a program and accompany it with change management and agile project management. Only with this holistic approach will a transformation be successful. You can rely on our multitude of experience in (agile) project, process and change management. We accompany you as a reliable partner throughout the entire transformation process.

The integrative consulting approach for successful transformations


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