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At the beginning of a successful project / programme is setting the right course. Tiba helps you define and reach your goals and milestones, and to take the right steps. Let us together take your project / programme to a successful completion.

Our Passion

Projects and project offices can be challenging. We support you with external espertise, face staff shortages and specialists with industry and Project Management experience. We help you creating transparency as an essential basis for sustainable management decisions. Our data and tool-driven approach provides you with powerful, user-friendly tools and proven methods for building an efficient project community and a reliable knowledge base. Measurable results for your project success and benefits are our top priority.


Project management in the post-Corona era

I don’t know how you feel, but from my point of view, project management had already changed significantly before Corona. However, in retrospect, we have to ask ourselves whether changes in project management should not have been even more substantial. For example, the adjustments were mainly related to methodologies and tools for project management, more …

New perception of time in projects

Looking at how work was organized by past generations in an industrial context, employees or workers often worked in the same company for a lifetime, working hours were strictly regulated and followed the rhythm of the time clock, which had to be operated when entering and leaving the company. Working hours were interrupted by breaks, …

Project Sponsor

The success-critical role of a project sponsor

When asked which factors are important for the success of a project, the roles of the project manager and the team members are often listed above all. However, one role is often neglected, namely that of the project sponsor. There is a great number of project management standards, but only a few that take care …


A 10-step-guide to organizational agility

VUCA, new work, digitalization – Many trends of the past few years caused fundamental changes in corporate strategies. Suddenly it was all about implementing agile methods in projects and organizations as quickly as possible to remain competitive and successful. Individual kanban boards were created, agile task forces were founded, and teams were trained – but all too often without the desired effect. In this webinar, we will address this problem to explain how agile transformation can fail. Additionally, we will provide you with a 10-step guide to organizational agility.


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