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Change can only succeed with high involvement of employees. We therefore pay attention to the tried and tested: company-wide change management and the required mindset among employees. You would like to know how we can support you? Just click on the challenges for your Change.


You would like to implement the many changes required with the least possible resistance and well-motivated staff.


Your consider change management an essential competency for a successful future and would like to embed it into your organisation.


New processes are only grudgingly accepted, the ROI of most projects does not materialise.

Our Passion

When implementing successful change projects, we focus on your corporate culture, your mindset and your change skills. In doing so, we not only accompany you in an advisory capacity, but also provide you with operational support during the change process.
It is our essential goal to make you strong for the changes. Therefore, we also offer change management training and coaching to establish an appreciative corporate culture for innovative spirit and competitiveness.


New perception of time in projects

Looking at how work was organized by past generations in an industrial context, employees or workers often worked in the same company for a lifetime, working hours were strictly regulated and followed the rhythm of the time clock, which had to be operated when entering and leaving the company. Working hours were interrupted by breaks, …


Society 5.0 – Some implications of digitalization for our lives

In Japan, the government has been propagating Society 5.0 for some years now. This is the logical continuation of the development of society from hunter-gatherers (Society 1.0), via agriculture (Society 2.0), industry (Society 3.0), via the information society (Society 4.0), to “a human-centered society that balances economic advancement with the resolution of social problems by …


In the beginning there was ADKAR | The People Side of Change Management

ADKAR© was developed in 1996 by Jeff Hiatt, founder of Prosci Inc. and first presented in 1999 in the form of a white paper entitled “The Perfect Change” (orig. “The Perfect Change” © J. Hiatt 1999). About a whole decade later, after countless research and application projects, the book “ADKAR: A Model for Change in …


A 10-step-guide to organizational agility

VUCA, new work, digitalization – Many trends of the past few years caused fundamental changes in corporate strategies. Suddenly it was all about implementing agile methods in projects and organizations as quickly as possible to remain competitive and successful. Individual kanban boards were created, agile task forces were founded, and teams were trained – but all too often without the desired effect. In this webinar, we will address this problem to explain how agile transformation can fail. Additionally, we will provide you with a 10-step guide to organizational agility.


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