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Project Management Institute (PMI), IPMA and PRINCE2®, Scrum and hybrid+ …. Uniform standards increase the efficiency and quality in your projects – and improve your image with customers and in competition! Especially if you can prove the qualification of your staff with an international project management certificate. We support you with certification training courses that are precisely tailored to your wishes and requirements.


You want to improve project orientation in your organisation overall but realise that your projects do not yield the desired results and are not well implemented in terms of time and cost.

Our Passion

We are passionate about sharing our project management expertise – so that you and your staff can find the best certification solutions and pass the certification exams with confidence. Tiba’s approved project management specialists will prepare your staff for this important step in their professional development. Instead of dull theory, they will refer to real-life situations and teach exactly what is needed for the exam and for coping with the challenges of their projects. Typical of Tiba: With us you can rightly expect more service, a PLUS service – let us surprise you!


Project Sponsor

The success-critical role of a project sponsor

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How project managers triumph as generalists in a specialized world

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EPC Training

Logic of failure – our inability to deal with exponential growth and uncertainty


A 10-step-guide to organizational agility

VUCA, new work, digitalization – Many trends of the past few years caused fundamental changes in corporate strategies. Suddenly it was all about implementing agile methods in projects and organizations as quickly as possible to remain competitive and successful. Individual kanban boards were created, agile task forces were founded, and teams were trained – but all too often without the desired effect. In this webinar, we will address this problem to explain how agile transformation can fail. Additionally, we will provide you with a 10-step guide to organizational agility.


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