Project Manager Chetan – Bringing Experience to the Future of Aviation

6. June 2024

Today’s Spotlight: Chetan Sharma, a dedicated and experienced project manager at Tiba Project Services, currently working in an exciting external client role. In the interview, he reveals insights into his impressive professional experience, his thrilling role at Airbus, and his valuable advice for aspiring external consultants.

Chetan, can you tell us a bit about yourself, your background, and how you came to join Tiba Project Services?

I am Chetan Sharma, a 35 year old project manager based in Hamburg. I am a professional with approximately ten years of professional work experience spread across project and product management, entrepreneurship, consultancy, research and development, simulation, future mobility, manufacturing as well as lean management.

Looking for a project management role in the mobility of the future, I came across Tiba Human Resources Consulting. What stood out immediately about the recruiting process was the clarity, the responsiveness to the candidates’ interests and the openness in the job description.

You have been with Tiba Project Services for over a year now – what is your summary of the experience so far? How have you developed personally and professionally since then?

Indeed, I have been a part of the Tiba family since almost one and a half years now and it has been a pretty rewarding for me. The professional opportunity with such an interesting project gives me motivation to work with the same intensity and enthusiasm every day.

The personal touch with regular online meetings with the entire team (webcos), our Tiba Project Services as well as Tiba group days enriches personal experience as one gets to know the team better, which in turn helps us to work collaboratively.

You are currently working as an external project manager at Airbus. Can you tell us about your role there? What does a typical day look like for you?

At our client Airbus Operations GmbH, I work in the capacity of a lead project management business partner in the strategy department, on a very interesting project related to the future of aerospace mobiltiy, “ZEROe” – a project to develop a hydrogen propelled aircraft. It is a typical Project Management role wherein I am managing the project for an integrated project team of over 300 professionals spread across Europe and Asia.

Since the project is still in development phase, my days keep on varying. However, a lot of communication remains constant. Typically, cost management, schedule management, risks and opportunities management, and change management are few of my main tasks.

Can you tell us more about starting in an external client project?

There was an interview with the Airbus contact person and once you receive the hardware required to start, there is usually an onboarding along with the internal client team. The onboarding process can vary in nature depending on the previous consultant, urgency of project and availability of internal resources. There was training on the project management tool initially, however, it is a gradual process to learn the job role and the tool better with the passage of time.

How do you manage the balance between two teams, at Airbus and Tiba Project Services?

The balance between the two teams could be challenging due to the busy schedule and quite a few KPI deadlines, however, regular meeting with my manager, our webcos, our Tiba Project Services as well as Tiba group help me navigate my way.

Do you have any tips for someone who is working as an external consultant?

To maintain quality and respect the timelines always, as we are representing Tiba as an external consultant.

One last question: If you could describe Tiba Project Services in 3 hashtags, what would they be?

Answer: #Empowerment #Teamspirit #Inclusiveness

Thank you, Chetan, for the fascinating insights!