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eTraining - eLearning and blended learning solutions

eTraining is the Tiba competence center specialized in the development and management of innovative, multi-level training and learning programs in blended learning formats. We draw on our eLearning library of twenty-nine standard courses in up to sixteen languages – currently the most comprehensive offering of web-based PM courses worldwide. In addition, we have our virtual classroom training sessions, which clients are increasingly using in international training programs because of the convenience of interactive concepts and tools.

Our strengths for your success

Our blended learning approaches involves consistent project management theory with “transfer-to-practice” units. This guarantees that your employees will make the link between what they have learnt and real hands-on cases. Internal exams or certificates as well as support with the transfer to practice complete the offering and ensure that all participants can apply their new skills to their specific project environment – regardless of where they are in the world. With our range of scalable training management services, we give you precisely the support you need – and we do so worldwide.

With our “Blended Learning Assessment”, we can develop the learning program most suited to your company and support you with its implementation.


Your benefits

The project management training in the blended learning format, your employees will learn to take responsibility for their own further training and to apply what they have learnt to day-to-day project work. This increases the efficiency of the knowledge transfer and helps consolidate what has been learnt. The combination of the most up-to-date learning technology, such as web-based training and virtual classrooms, with precisely tailored in-house seminars and workshops is the ideal way of building up project management expertise quickly, effectively and across various locations.

The project management training with eLearning and blended learning solutions gives you and your employees greater flexibility and room for maneuver in the implementation of your training programs. Our integrated approach is also perfectly adapted to international companies wanting to quickly develop a shared concept of project management that goes beyond national borders.


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