Bring agility into your business

Many companies are currently experiencing increasing complexity and dynamics in the market and in project business. In order to meet those requirements, Tiba has developed “PM 4.0”, an approach that combines various agile methods in a meaningful way to suit your company. In addition to your project management methods, we also consider the values, leadership culture and mindset of your organization. Only a holistic view and empowerment leads to a sustainable and successful agilization of your company. We support you on this path with comprehensive agile consulting, training and coaching – regardless of whether you are still at the very beginning or have already mastered a few agile projects.

Our services for agile projects

Your support for agile projects

Bring our agile consultants into your company

We help you select and implement suitable agile project management methods. In doing so, we pay particular attention to your individual requirements and work with you to develop a suitable mix of methods to make your projects as simple and efficient as possible. Our experienced agile consultants support you both in the short term in an advisory capacity and in the long term in the operative project business.

Tiba prepares your employees for complex, agile projects

Agile methods and values can make your company and your processes more flexible and dynamic. Tiba offers an vast portfolio of agile trainings and certifications to prepare your employees for any challenge. From basic training to leadership development and specific certifications – we give you the knowledge you need.

Our trainings:


  • Agile mindset and agile methods (PM 4.0)

Soft Skills & Leadership

  • Agile mindset and leadership for team members
  • Supportive management for leaders
  • Agile master training
  • Agile coach training


  • Design Thinking
  • Kanban
  • Scrum
  • Agile scaling with focus on practice
Projektmanagement _Modul _Trainings


  • Agile mindset with TÜV certificate
  • Scrum master
  • Scrum product owner
  • SAFe® lean portfolio management
  • SAFe® certified agilist

Agile Coaching

Our experienced agile coaches accompany you on the way to an agile organization

Tiba has developed an iterative coaching approach that focuses on the individual and develops holistic, cross-method and individually tailored solutions for you. In this way, we enable the development of new behavioral patterns and establish an agile mindset that builds the foundation for organizational agility.

Agile scaling

Vertical and horizontal scaling for a successful agilization

We consider the vertical and horizontal components of any strategic realignment.

Vertical scaling means the interaction of numerous agile teams with each other. These teams are harmonized as part of the scaling process, since the rules of individually functioning agile teams are often not directly transferable to a large number of teams.
In horizontal scaling, we accompany you across several areas in order to advance agilization on a large scale in the company and thus increase its effectiveness. The particular challenge here is to “agilize” the management and central functions and to unite them with the classic organizational parties.

Tiba supports you in scaling agile teams, processes and structures

You have already gained initial positive experience with agile teams and agile methods and would like to extend this success to larger areas or to the entire organization?

Our consultants are certified in the common methods of agile scaling (e.g. SAFe® or LeSS®) and accompany you from the strategy to the successful rollout of your scaling measures.

For this purpose, we develop a concept suitable for your company, in which, in addition to the new methods, we also particularly consider and further develop your corporate culture and value systems.

Our services on the topic of agile scaling:

Agile Consulting

  • Strategy and development of scaled structures
  • Development of a suitable corporate culture
  • Change management support
  • Adaptation of classic line responsibilities to the new agile working environment


  • Agilization of your PMO structures
  • Adaptation and development of your product development processes (PEP)
  • Operational project support


  • Agile scaling with focus on practice
  • SAFe® lean portfolio management certification course
  • SAFe 5.0 certified agilist certification course

Agile Organization

We support the transformation of your company into an agile organization

Your market environment is becoming more disruptive and dynamic and you want to react as flexible as possible? With classic top-down management, it is often difficult to implement the necessary reaction speed – especially in hierarchically structured, larger companies.

After all, a company that is committed to agility needs a meaningful culture, a management that exemplifies values and vision, and a customer-oriented approach. Introducing agile methods alone is not enough to exploit the full potential of agile working. It requires a realignment of the entire company, the full support and vision of top management and an agile mindset that inspires employees for the agile transformation.

Tiba Management consulting recommends self-organized, cross-functional and agile teams that have the necessary decision-making competencies and can thus react ad hoc to changes in the market.

With our holistic agile consulting approach, we accompany you on your way to an agile organization and support you according to the motto “Helping people to help themselves”. Because we want to empower you in the long term to successfully shape your transformation.

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